Haiti (Central America)

About the country

Compassion partners with churches to help them provide Haitian children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be.

Compassion's work in Haiti began in 1968. Currently, more than 79,940 children participate in 270 child development centers.

Population: 8,1 millions
Life expectancy: Male 52 years, Female 54 years
Under-5 mortality rate: 7,5%
People with HIV/AIDS: 280.000
Drinking water sources: 46%
Adequate sanitation facilities: 28%
Literacy rate: Male 55%, Female 51%
Population in extreme poverty ($1.25 a day): 80%

Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program in Haiti

Compassion began its ministry in Haiti in 1968, when the Child Sponsorship Program was started.

Each child receives a snack, such as sandwiches, candy and juice or milk, during the week, or a hot meal, which consists of spaghetti or rice, beans, vegetables, meat and juice, when they participate in the activities.

There is a program (Jenitimoun) held during the summer, in which groups of children from different child development centers participate in a knowledge competition. Spiritual retreats are held during Carnival and Easter time.

Vocational education and training are available based on the local context of the center. Activities include painting, crafts, sewing, computer, music, photography, videography, cooking, foreign languages class, etc.

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