Thanks, Mom.

The love of a mother is the same anywhere in the world

For Mother’s Day this year, take a moment to thank that powerful, gracious, funny, loving, intelligent, and caring woman who made a difference in your life!

Thanks, mom.

For being my pillar of strength.

For the countless bedtime stories.

For the piles and piles of laundry.

For letting me ride in the shopping cart.

For taking those classes to provide for a better future.

For being the best cook I know.

For making me do my dishes.

For sharing your beautiful fashion sense with me.

For washing behind my ears.

For taming my unruly hair.

For choosing life.

For introducing me to my Creator.

For your healing touch.

For making me eat my fruits and veggies.

For being the best jump rope spinner on the block.

For showing up for the big moments …

… and the small.

For teaching me the power of prayer.

For the early morning school routine …

… Every. Single. Day.

For being the smartest homework checker I know.

For meeting my needs even when they are special.

For winning every tickle fight.

For putting me in those much-needed timeouts.

For teaching me how to provide for a family.

For always making me take my medicine.

For walking me to school every day. Uphill. Both ways.

For teaching me the value of hard work …

… and making me strong.

For loving me!

The love of a mother is the same anywhere in the world.

Mother's day card

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Happy Mother's Day!

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