Rwanda (Africa)

Compassion partners with churches to help them provide Rwandan children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be.

Compassion's work in Rwanda began in 1980. Currently, more than 69,600 children participate in more than 270 child development centers.

About the country

Population: 8,4 millions
Life expectancy: Male 46 years, Female 48 years
Under-5 mortality rate: 9,1%
People with HIV/AIDS: 250.000 (2,98%)
Drinking water sources: -
Adequate sanitation facilities: -
Literacy rate: Male 83%, Female 67%
Population in extreme poverty ($1.25 a day): 33%

Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program in Rwanda

Compassion began its ministry in Rwanda in 1980, when the Child Sponsorship Program was started. Compassion Rwanda was forced to close temporarily during the 1994 war and genocide, but was re-opened in September 1994.

Children are given porridge in the morning before starting the first lesson and then receive a full meal for lunch, which typically consists of rice, posho (a common East African dish made with cornmeal) or Irish potatoes with beans and green vegetables.

In addition to the normal certified and contextualized Compassion curriculum, children are also introduced to topics of the Rwandan national values, such as self-identity, loving the nation, unity and reconciliatio,n and striving toward self-reliance. Each child development center sets aside time twice a month for sports and cultural/traditional dances.

Adolescents also participate in discussions about human development relevant to the teenage years, such as body changes, hygiene and emotional changes. They are also involved in Bible study, discipleship, and income-generating activities like crocheting, tailoring and basket weaving.

Parents meet for weekly prayer meetings and monthly community service activities, such as house renovations, center clean-up days, and working at the vegetable gardens at the child development centers.

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