Write a Letter

Your letters to your sponsored child are so much more than words on a page.
They are hope, support, encouragement and love delivered in an envelope.

Your words can help a child believe in themselves, inspire them to study harder at school and draw them closer to God.

Letters often become a child’s treasured possessions: they're read over and over and kept safe, often hung on the wall in pride of place.

Former Compassion-assisted child Lillian had this to say to her sponsor: "I was the child no one remembered, but when you wrote to me and expressed how much love you had for me, I gained the courage to face life".

Write your letter online

Our staff will translate (if necessary), print and send your letters and messages to your sponsored child's project.
You can write in English - or Spanish if you sponsor a child in Latin America.

Suggestion: talk about your family, your hobbies or the place where you live. Children love to know about your daily life!

  • Write a letter

    Write a letter

    Suggestions: talk about your family, about your daily life or the place where you live.

    Have you visited an interesting place in the last period? Have you had some fun times? Have you learnt something new? Share it with your child!

  • Write a card
    Escribe una tarjeta online a tu niño apadrinado

  • Write a birthday message

    Escribe una tarjeta de cumpleaños a tu niño apadrinado

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